Streams, rivers, and creeks all run together and eventually find their way into the ocean. Even if you don’t live directly on the coast,

you do live in a watershed!


Daily Action Goals

Go for a walk and discover where the nearest stream, river, creeks, or lake is to where you live.

 Where is the nearest storm drain?

On your walk, look for what plants and animals live along the watershed. Draw a picture of what' you saw and share it with the hashtag #oceansweekvictoria on FB or Insta!

Salish Sea Snippet

WS Wed.png

Click the image to learn more about today’s theme and meet some local ocean people with Brett Soberg from Eagle Wing Tours.

New videos premiere at 9am every day of Oceans Week Victoria 2020!

Today's Live Events

Activities to Try

Parental Involvement Level Guide:


Children and youth can grab a device and join us on their own.


Parents will need to help with this activity from time to time for things like printing, cutting, or downloading.


This is a family activity that suggests going out of the house together or working with more complicated materials.

Virtual Field Trip

2:00 - 2:30 pm PDT

Dr. Gavin Hanke

RBCM Outside:

Search around a rocky Victoria shoreline with experts.

All Ages

Hosted on Zoom

Join us Here!

Draw & Learn

11:00 - 11:30 am PDT

Heidi Gartner

RBCM @ Home (Kids!):

Deep Sea Doodles

All Ages

Hosted on Zoom and Facebook Live

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11:00 am - Noon PDT

Maia Hoeberechts

Ocean Networks Canada:

Northern Communities on the

Front Lines of Ocean Change


Hosted on Zoom

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Best for: Kids (up to 10 years)

Parental Involvement Level:






Best for: Young Teens 

Best for: Teens & Adults

Best for: The Whole Family

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